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This listing has been created so you can purchase the wood only kit of your choice! Your wood only kit comes with the wood (with pattern and score lines) as well as the printed instruction card. Please use the personalization box to let us know which kit you would like. (Please use the name found in the kit's full listing). You can choose either a YARN kit or an EMBROIDERY kit!


**Please note: The printed instruction sheet that comes with your kit does not include a color photo of the finished product or stitch placement instructions.  You can find that information on each products home page. We value our customers and like to keep costs low, and so we have chosen to offer some digital instructions instead of printed ones. Our website also offers helpful videos that will guide you in learning each stitch type. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


⋆ Send us a message! We do our best to respond ASAP

Thank you for visiting our shop!


•  We love to see our art in their new homes! Take a photo of yours and tag us on FB or Instagram! - @simplynorthwoodsllc, or drop your photo in with a review that you leave for us 



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