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The Benefits of Crafting


  • Improves motor skills — Having children create things with their hands improve their motor skills. Crafts help with hand-to-eye coordination and retention of muscle memory. They also have been proven to speed up children's ability to do things independently as they receive more freedom to do what they desire, allowing motor skills to refine and expand more quickly.

  • Improves critical skills — Crafts allow children to make decisions and evaluate the solution, critically thinking in theoretical and practical situations. Crafts lead kids to think out of the box and develop creative solutions, fostering problem-solving skills, aiding visual learning, and improving concentration. 

  • Improves creativity — Crafts help kids bring their imagination to life by getting them to make their wild ideas into reality and help them discover new things. Creativity is vital in every aspect of life, from personal, professional, and social experiences, and should be introduced at a young age.

  • To learn more about why you should introduce your kids to crafts, check out this article by Scholastic or read my blog article "5 Reasons Crafts are Important for Kids"


"We received the kits on Monday and our boys have already finished half of them. It was such a fun project and we got to spend some quality time together without screens! Customer service was beyond and shipment arrived super fast. Loved it!" - M.


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It's Therapeutic

Crafting keeps your fine motor skills sharp and your mind focused. Hand embroidery helps people to focus⁠, keeping worries and the chaotic thoughts of our daily life away. Hand embroidery is meditative and has been used as a therapeutic method to improve mental and emotional health.

Boosts Confidence

The more you make something beautiful, the more you know what you are capable of. Hand embroidery gives gratification from watching the pattern unravel itself as you stitch. Your efforts are reflected in something beautiful, and you learn to appreciate yourself.

Builds Pateince

Crafting actually lowers your blood pressure and trains your brain to be disciplined. Hand embroidery specifically instills patience in many of us over time. Taking the time to decide on the materials, stitches, and patterns for your project and stitching it to the finish requires a certain amount of perseverance.


Embroidery is a very simple craft where you use a needle to apply thread or yarn to a material for decoration. It is an easy craft to begin with since the pattern is already created for you! All you have to do is choose your colors, find a design that is perfect for you, and thread through the holes to create a beautiful pattern. This craft can be easily carried with you anywhere and is perfect to do by yourself or with a group of friends!


We have excellent tutorial videos to help you get started, along with kits tailored to your specific skill level, even if you are just learning how to embroider. 


Wanting to give embroidery a try? Take a look at the table below to figure out what kit is best for you to start with!

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4 +

Stich Type:



Yarn Needle

Best For:


Day (1).png

8 +


Embroidery Needle

Those new to embroidery or have done cross-stitch before

Day (2).png

12 +

Backstitch, French Knot, Woven Wheel, Lazy Daisy

Embroidery Needle

Those with previous experience with embroidery

Day (3).png

12 +

Has more of the complicated stitches

Embroidery Needle

Those with previous experience with embroidery

Interested in buying your first kit? Check out our embroidery and yarn sections to explore your many options!

Still have questions? Please contact us with any questions you have about this product either before or after receiving your kit. We want this to be a fun and enjoyable project for you!

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